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Frequently Asked Questions

What is microblading?


Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, in which an artist manually creates the illusion of hair strokes and shadows using a hand tool or machine, along with permanent makeup pigments. It can supplement or even replace everyday eyebrowmakeup and give the illusion of fuller brows.The skin, especially of the face, is a living, breathing canvas that is subjected to a variety of elements. Although microblading is a wonderful service, not all people are great candidates and results vary.

Am I a good candidate?


Great candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Normal to dry skin

  • Taking no medications

  • No medical conditions or immune system conditions

  • Gentle skin care routine using mild products

  • Non-smoker

  • Avoids sun exposure



Factors that may result in less than optimal results:

  • Oily skin or large pores, even if controlled with products, can result in blurred strokes.

  • Use of retinols, chemical peels, acids/glycolics, laser treatments and other anti-aging products that increase cell turnover can result in fading and poor retention.

  • Exfoliating routines like chemical acids or mechanical Clarisonic, scrubs etc.

  • Smoking negatively affects the skin of the face and therefore can affect microblading.

  • Sunbathing, tanning or sun exposure negatively affects the skin and therefore can affect microblading.

  • Medical conditions, even if medically controlled, can affect microblading retention or results.

  • Medications may affect microblading retention, fade and/or blur the pigment.

  • Trichotillomania or obsessive hair pulling can affect microblade retention or fade the pigment more rapidly.

  • Clients with botox. Botox must be avoided three weeks prior and three weeks after microblading.

  • Clients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation must provide a doctor’s note for clearance and wait six months after completing treatment before scheduling our services.


**Rare cases may include other specific situations, which can be discussed during the initial consultation.







  • Candidates on blood thinners, as bleeding will push out microblading pigment.

  • Candidates on Accutane. Clients must be off Accutane for at least one year, as it causes the skin to be thinned and compromised. Therefore, it is not suitable to withstand the microblading process or deliver optimal healed results.

  • Pregnant or nursing clients must wait three months before microblading.

  • Clients under 18 years of age (even with parental consent).

  • Candidates with uncontrolled diabetes, which causes microblading to result in poor retention and healing.

  • Clients with immunocompromised recent surgeries, ill-flu, cold, chemo-radiation etc. The body will not heal well.

  • Candidates with keloid scar history.

  • Candidates with highly sensitive skin with history of rashes, reactions and allergies.

  • Clients with cold sores, rashes, pimples and other lesions - must be healed before microblading procedure.

  • Moles in the brow cannot be microbladed over

  • Clients using brow or lash growth serums, which can thin skin and increase blood flow. Clients must be off these serums for at least two months before microblading procedure.

  • Previous microblading or tattood eyebrows must be approved. Please email photos of your eyebrows in good lighting with no makeup and no filter to

  • Clients with unrealistic expectations. If the client is extremely particular regarding shape or symmetry of brows, it is best they continue a traditional makeup routine, which can be manipulated and re-applied.

**We reserve the right to decline services.


If you have a condition or concern not listed, please contact us prior to booking an appointment.

How long does it last and what impacts the results?


We suggest a touch up appointment once per year, although some clients may need them more or less often depending on many factors.


Clients need touch ups usually for one of two reasons:

  • The tone needs to be refreshed

  • The pigment fades and therefore is less defined


Pigment fading occurs gradually and does not happen over night. Therefore, we suggest clients wait as long as they are able before a touch-up.


The following factors are the most common reasons microblading may fade faster:

  • Sun exposure

  • Skincare products, such as retinols, AHA, retin-A, glycolics, anti-aging

  • Exfoliation

  • Skincare treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, etc.

  • Exercising

  • Skin turonver or regeneration

  • How fast the body metabolizes the pigment

  • Face oils

  • Poor compliance or not following precare or aftercare instructions

How many appointments are needed?


Depending on how much natural hair the client presents with and thier desired look, clients usually need 2 appointments, sometimes more. Additional touch ups for existing clients are discounted to $250 per session.

Does microblading hurt?


Avoid scheduling during menstruation or stressful emotional times in your life as the body is generally more sensitive during this time. Any discomfort is during the exfoliating process we must do prior to applying the topical anesthetics. It lasts 30 seconds and is comparable to the feeling of tweezing or waxing. Next a numbing gel is applied, and the client feels little to nothing after it soaks into the skin. Do not bring your own numbing gel, we will never use any outside products on a client.


*Very oily skin and more pigmented skin tends to soak up less numbing gel and these clients tend to be more sensitive.

How will I look the week after my appointment?


Some clients prefer to schedule microblading around work hours or events because they may be dark or flakey. The first 7 days they will go thru the most obvious changes.

1. Immediately after your brows look darker & thicker than the healed result

2. Between day 1 to 5 the brows darken. This is temporary, it is not the final color. It is simply a scab-like protective layer that has formed

3. Day 7 to 10 the scab like layer can begin to peel/flake

4. After day 10 to 2 weeks the brows look very light & you may think "Where is the is gone!" This is normal, new skin is cloudy & healed over the pigment masking it

5. Lastly, around week 3, the new healed skin becomes clear & the pigment is visible again

What training and licensing does the studio and artists carry?




Health Department License from the Illinois Department for Public Health as “Body Art Establishment” and a "Tattoo License". Any facility offering microblading is required to hold a health department this license. Regardless of other licenses such as salon, med spa, doctor’s office. Microblading out of a home or residential space is illegal.


We maintain and Illinois Business License and all artists are Insurance.


We operate as a 100% disposable facility meaning each client gets sterile and single use products for each appointment that are properly disposed of after treatment.


All artists received Training from the Advanced Permanent Cosmetics Academy in Naperville, Illinois (APCA). They are approved to operate by the Private Business & Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Blood borne pathogens training, a requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

What if I have previous pigment or faded tattoo on my brows?


Even if faded or gone you must be approved before scheduling. Please send 3-5 CLEAR photos, in GOOD lighting of your brows to:


We carefully evaluate the integrity of the skin for scarring or thinning, the pigment remaining in regard to shape, color, and saturation. Although we would love to help everyone, brows that are too dark, saturated, discolored or too drastic a shape may be declined for microblading. Please do not assume your previous pigment is "workable" or that any or all artist have the capabilities to provide desirable results. Scheduling without approval may result in loss of deposit and canellation of appointment.


Removal by laser or saline solution may be advised.


We do not use skin tone pigments to mask previous work.


Any client new to Birdbone tattoo regardless of previous work follows the Initial Microblading full price fee. Cients with previous work tend to be more challenging than a new canvas or skin as our options are limited by the clients existing shape and color. We may be obligated to “correct” the existing color and are working with potentially scarred, tougher skin. We also do not know the technique or products previously used therefore a discount on pricing is no warranted and in some cases a correction fee may be added to correct these issues.

Note: Birdbone tattoo is an all inclusive studio! All welcome!

For questions and inquiries about tattoos please email

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